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Smart Care Program



Smart Care Program gathers intelligent technology solutions and healthcare service providers together. The aim of the program is to create easily approachable nursing product and service packages, share expertise and resources and thus generate new growth for the companies involved in the program.

Numerous sets of intelligent solutions and services utilizing digitalization have emerged around the healthcare business. The network of services is very diverse. There is no solution in the market where this multifaceted network is integrated into a customer-friendly service package. As a result, Suomen Kotidata Oy, Venture Development Finland Ltd and a great number of partners has put together Smart Care program. Venture Development Finland Ltd is the coordinator of the program, and with the lead of Kotidata, various intelligent healthcare service providers are cooperating for better healthcare solutions.  Smart Care program is based in Finland, but expanding to international markets.

älyhoiva-ohjelma | Smart Care
älyhoiva-ohjelma | Smart Care

Smart Care services and technologies are particularly related to support home-based housing or housing in home-like environment. This, for example, includes telemedicine, health monitoring and measurement and other services, all the way to locking and access management solutions. This new, complete service concept is built to the end customer for ease of use. KotiData helps to ensure the functionality of the service from the end-user perspective and customers' ability to make use of it.

Venture Development Finland Ltd has 10 years of expertise in business growth, value growth and international services. The company has experts in Finland, Stockholm, Rome, Frankfurt and the United States. The company's experts have been developing more than 150 companies from business sales partnerships to financing and international growth.

Smart Care program is part of Smart Digital Home Venture Program. Smart Digital Home topics are for instance energy efficiency, security, communication, construction and decoration, entertainment and well-being. New partners for the program are recruited constantly.


The best players in their field have been selected to the Smart Care program. New service providers are constantly recruited. Meet the Smart Care program partners.

älyhoiva-ohjelma | Smart Care
älyhoiva-ohjelma | Smart Care
älyhoiva-ohjelma | Smart Care
älyhoiva-ohjelma | Smart Care
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