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A number of intelligent digitalization solutions and services have emerged around the healthcare business. The network of services is very diverse. There is no solution in the market where this multifaceted network is combined with the customer as an easy-to-use service package.


As a result, Venture Development Finland Ltd, Suomen Kotidata Oy and a great number of partners has put together Smart Care program.

Venture Development Finland Ltd | Phone: +35840 842 3506

We develop, accelerate and rationalise our customer's business operations. Our typical customers are startup, family and growth companies. We will increase the value of your business, for example by creating profitable growth, lowering costs, or assisting in financial and corporate restructuring.

Ettonet Oy | Phone: +358 3 781 7996

We offer high quality products, and other aids from kitchen utensils to beverage container products. All our products support higher quality and easier everyday life. The range is constantly being developed so that customers can find the products they need in one place.

Onerva hoivapalvelu Oy | Phone: +35850 326 4989

Onerva is a caring platform for eldercare. It has a digital notebook, kind of “whatsapp for eldercare” and a marketplace where you can find health and wellbeing services.

With Onerva service, family members, aging customer and nurses/care provider can communicate in realtime and securely.

Smartecno c/o Betaram Oy | Phone: +35850 527 1306

Smartecno specializes in designing, importing and selling modern home automation systems and network solutions. We provide extensive real estate management solutions from design to guidance.

Tictum Oy | Phone: +35850 395 0531

Old age is a valuable stage of life that requires encouragement to care for one's own well-being, as in other stages of life. Self-reviewer at Home® - a joint 2-month trip back to fit for the elderly who need home support.

Suomen KotiData Oy | Phone: +35840 750 7550

We are a computer support service company. We provide support and training services for computers and other entertainment electronics for households and small businesses. KotiData invests in the maintenance and development of the hardware, users 'and employees' personal knowledge.

Lukoton Experience Oy | Phone: +35840 702 1290

Lukoton smart phone access can be used along side with all most common locking solutions. It allows instant access to 112 emergency care personnel, shared space access for tenants and secure maintenance access for all technical facilities.

Our system works together with existing mechanical devices.

Medics24 Online-lääkäripalvelu | Phone:  +35810 505 9453

Medics24 is Finnish eHealthcare platform and a virtual healthcare center. Our platform connects medical professionals, healthtech and patients. This enables us to provide superior and continuous care to you anytime, anywhere. We believe this is the key for a sustainable universal healthcare!

Probis Solutions Oy | Phone: +35820 735 1080

The company's business area is in the field of software and other information technology. Probis Solutions Oy was founded in 2003. It is based in Jyväskylä.

Suomen Kotihoitotekniikka Oy | Puh: +35850 307 2874

KOHOTE The Home Connection service enables easy communication. Kohote Home Access service is designed as a home care tool and as a tool for medical remote care. The elevation brings security and entertainment for the elderly

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